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TY WINS Renaissance Dog Club Shows' Best Puppy in Breed!

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Le-Ty's Kin
Lenore, Tyler and Darren's new pups

DarLen again (gee she's cute!)
"Darling" DarLen
Lenore and DarLen
Lenore & Ty
DarLen & Ty
Darren cuddling with DarLen and Ty
Ty Wins his First Show!
Ty Win #2 !!!

Mishars Forever
'FIRE' For LeTy
May 3, 1999 to October 26, 2000 

The Fire has died but her spirit will burn forever in our hearts for she truly was forever FIRE for LeTy. God Bless her sweet little soul, she was so very loving and affectionate. She loved to chew on my ear or my nose. I will miss her dearly.

During Show

FIRE was our special little Red and White Shih-tzu who came all he way from a very prestigious Shih-tzu breeder Michele Dawn Thomas in South Carolina. FIRE really suited her name with her fiery personality and in her colour that never faded.Fire almost stole the show with her guest appearance on the Vicki Gabereau show this last spring as she pranced around the television set as if she owned the place with our Ty in hot pursuit.

The autopsy report shows that Fire was in excellent condition with a single, well developed fetus at already 45 or more days gestation. She was a happy, healthy dog just going to have her blood taken for a possible allergy test due to her scratching. In moments she lay dead at an animal clinic. An investigation has been requested.

Tochis' Ty to Heavenly LeTy who is a CANADIAN/AMERICAN Champion who finished with a 5 point major - this unborn puppy had a lot of potential as its mother Fire's Grandparents all had their R.O.M. Little Doggie sister DarLen also misses her playmate too.

THE FIRE HAS DIED, our hearts are broken but two flames WILL BURN FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS AS HER SPIRIT and her unborn baby Flame will be FOREVER 'FIRE' FOR LETY.

Ty wins his first 3 point major with Molly Exner handling him at Brush Prairie, Washington
July l998.  Ty is 13 mos. old here.
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Ty wins Best of Winners.
Judge Sandra Goose Allen warmly commented on how much she liked Ty's look of
the old lines. Molly handling and Mommy enjoying the moment.

July, 1998

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Ty becomes a
Canadian Champion July 1998
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Ty's 5 point major in Boise, Idaho - wins AMERICAN Championship. He finished both Championships in limited showing with Molly Exner handling in October l998

Canadian / American Champion Tochi's Ty to Heavenly LeTy

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DarLen Wins!!! Dar-Len Wins First Show - Proud Lenore Looks On
DarLen wins - with Mommy handling July l998 at Cloverdale, B.C. darlen-mom.jpg (27512 bytes)
when she received her International Championship

International Champion Coralie's DarLen Kin of LeTy

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Lenore, Molly, Linda, & Melissa enjoying the afternoon at the Eugene Dog Show September l998.

Lenore and DarLen at the Eugene Dog Show to visit Ty on his campaign trail.

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A casual get together with some of the Shih-tzu L list Internet gals in Eugene.  Sept. l998.

From left to right
Jennifer, Lenore, Melissa, and Linda.

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Georgia Peach - Ty's 2nd wife who is niece to DarLen and Mom to many and Granma to Tiffany and Buddy Boy
First Granddaughter LeTy's Everyone Wants Tiffany - 'Tiffany'
Vernon Dog Show July 2010
Daughter and son of our Can Am TY and his second wife and DarLen's niece Georgia Peach
Grandson of Ty and Georgia Peach (who is a gr.gr.gr. niece to LeTy)
Darren & Lenore Summer 2010
Back to Home Well, Its been lovely sharing our family and story with you. Please come back and visit soon, we'll be sure to update you about our lives and show prospects! Bye for now, and thanks for visiting us! Lenore, Darren, Tyler, Ty and DarLen Mann..........

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